There is no doubt that the most basic need of every human being is feed. Unfortunately, over 690 million people go hungry every day across the globe. That represents almost nine percent of the world’s population. While the majority of these people are from a few poverty-stricken places and war zones, hungry people are found in almost all the nations of the world. Statistics show that about 35 million people experienced hunger in the United States in 2019. That’s a huge number!

However, one organization has dedicated itself to putting an end to hunger, that is is Bookwell Travel.

Bookwell Travel is a platform for booking accommodations across the US. The business is running the foundation that aims itself at ending hunger in North America. For every customer that makes a booking on the platform, Bookwell Travel will provide food for 20 meals to hungry Americans. The target is to provide 16 million meals by the end of 2021. The meals are supplied directly to the food banks to ensure it gets to those who need them without any delay.

Last December, Bookwell Travel started it’s campaign by providing 82,500 meals to hungry people, in need. The meals will be donated to the food banks throughout New England.

On New Year’s Eve, the founder of Bookwell Travel, Brian Gates, ran from Mystic, CT to Griswold, CT to donate food to the St. Mary’s Food Pantry in Connecticut. There he donated 10,000 non-perishable food items to it’s elderly patience in need. Also with him at the food bank where he made the donation, and created awareness on supporting the fight against hunger was Senator Heather Somers from Connecitcut.

To make the mission of providing 16 million meals by the end of 2021, Bookwell Travel is partnering with, a platform with 29 million hotel and hospitality opportunities.

Aside from the partnership with, Bookwell Travel is also working together with eviivo, a software for booking company. Bookwell Travel will be powered by that software, but eviivo is doing more than powering Bookwell Travel. It also has its own foundation for supporting the fight against hunger. The foundation is called Hospitality Ending Hunger.

Bookwell Travel has noticed the impact of COVID-19 on the nutrition of many people especially school kids that depends so much on the school feeding program. The closure of schools means there will be no more breakfast for millions of American kids. As it is well known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day it is essential to find ways to help children who couldn’t go about hungry. Therefore, most of the foods provided by Bookwell Travel foundation are for breakfast.

With this program, the support of the partners, and patronage of various people booking on Bookwell Travel, the booking platform is gradually bringing hunger close to the end.