The COVID-19 pandemic has changed many things in the travel industry, and these changes have affected people in diverse ways. Some people were able to bounce back from these situations quicker, while others were not so fortunate. Many people thrived in the pandemic, while many others couldn’t.

This is why at Bookwell Travel; we help you make an impact. They have created a new platform that ensures that someone in need benefits from every ticket you book with Bookwell. For every room booked, Bookwell Travel will donate directly to one of over 370 food banks located throughout North America and a goal to provide an estimated 16 meals to the less fortunate by the end of 2021.

Bookwell Travel has already donated over 638,000 meals to the less privileged; this is thanks to the many bookings from customers.

The CEO of Bookwell Travel when speaking on why he started the project said, “This has been a problem that we have seen first hand in the U.S. Once the pandemic hit, our shelters and food banks were stretched to capacity,” said the founder of Bookwell Travel. “We are hotel owners, food distributors, and hospitality managers who have come together and decided to do more than support our local food bank. Our mission is to deliver over 16 million meals to hungry mouths across America by the end of 2021.”

Be on the good side of change.

A lot of things have changed. People have lost their jobs, many more have become homeless. And doing your part to ensure that these people have something to eat is doing the right thing with Booking with Bookwell Travel. What’s more, is, you still get to enjoy those fantastic trips with your loved ones, and at the same time get to make a substantial impact on people’s lives.

We’re giving more

Because of our goal to deliver over 16 million meals to the hungry in America, we’ve decided to give 20 meals per booking. So, with just one travel booking with us, you feed 10 people.

They’re passionate about helping the hungry, which has caused us to increase the stakes by feeding more people.

But we can only do this if we have you on board too. So, start booking, so we can start feeding.

About Bookwell Travel

Bookwell Travel is a way to book a place to stay while joining the fight against hunger. Bookwell Travel is where travelers go for a white glove booking experience that makes a positive impact like no other. Bookwell Travel is supported by a network of partners and sponsors, including eviivo, Saratoga Spring Water Company, Aldi’s, ShopRite, Waverly Markets,, JOR Hospitality, and PNK Consulting.