The rapid spread of the Coronavirus outbreak filled 2020 with many difficulties and uncertainties in several industries. On a large scale, people experienced locked down for months. As most activities came to a virtual standstill, the travel industry, like others sectors, couldn’t function as usual.

In short, the entire travel industry has never faced a change or disruption on this scale. Covid-19 has introduced a new context to traveling behavior, from sanitizing stations to masks, and social distancing floor stickers. Now, these transformations are part of the routines.

Even as our realities have slowly shifted, it’s predicted that these changes will likely continue to form a new face of travel.

Health Status Becomes The Main Focus For Travelers

The experiences of the Pandemic forces consumers to factor their health concerns into every of their travel choices. More than before, people are more conscious about taking proper precautions before traveling to new destinations.

How The Pandemic Changed Travel

Some practices the Pandemic introduced include:

  • Social distancing
  • Several city pairs or routes operating at a lower frequency than usual
  • Limited the number of people in premium cabins
  • Requiring proof of good health before allowing passengers to fly
  • Compulsory wearing of face mask and gloves by flight attendants and limiting onboard services
  • Most passengers now find every means to avoid passing through extra airports on layovers by opting for more direct routes.

Using personal travel advisors and agencies

Within the last few years that travel agents have become niche, consumers had preferred to book their travel themselves online. However, given the rapid change in the nature of the crisis and travelers’ difficulties, more people are now choosing to book and planning their trips through agents and established operators.

Some agencies even do more than offer advice to travelers corner and prevent things go wrong. These agencies have the knowledge and industry connections to provide travelers with proper planning for their trip, including finding the best prices across several flights, hotels, and car hire options.

Asides from creating the perfect experience for travelers, some travel agencies find ways to give back and support people in more challenging situations. Companies like Bookwell Travel do more than creating the perfect travel experience for you.

For each booking with Bookwell Travel, 20 meals are donated directly to those in need. Supports like these also encourage more people to trust and partner with travel agencies when planning their trips.