The world gradually emerges from one of the darkest periods in modern history, the Covid-19 pandemic. While the world recovers from the effects of prolonged restrictions, lost jobs, anxiety, depression, and other associated predicaments, another dangerous issue lurk around the corner, the “hunger pandemic.”

While there has always been hunger insecurity in the world, COVID-19 has only made it worse; combined with the pandemic and its rising conflicts, more people, communities are facing hunger and food insecurity. In the world today, people die and live with hunger and in 2019, 821 million people estimate were said to be food insecure.

The Covid Pandemic has only fuelled the hunger crisis of the world as a result of the unemployment, economic dissipation, and failure caused by the pandemic to nations, businesses, and individuals. There have been mass layoffs of staff, businesses shutting down, nations forced into a tunnel of economic depression. Since the safety and continuous growth of the world’s inhabitants are paramount, different brands, companies, individuals are striving to help reduce world hunger caused by the COVID-19 crisis. You too can also play a part in the fight against the COVID-19 crisis by joining and participating in travel to help people in need during these times and the possibility of this concept is made realistic with the travel company,  Bookwell Travel.



Bookwell Travel is a first-class booking and planning of trips platform. It gives travelers the chance of experiencing a unique of kind travel destination and also the luxury of making a difference in the lives of people. It is an online platform for making your travel reservations promising and delivering to its travelers an experience like none.

Bookwell Travel’s mission is to provide a luxurious first-class personalized booking experience for travelers while partnering with brands that share their commitment to exceptional service delivery and their mission to feed the less fortunate.

For every night booked, Bookwell donates up to 20 meals through their Bookwell Travel Relief Fund, and in a world where there is a high-rise demand for food banks due to COVID19  and the unemployment crisis, Bookwell Travel is one of the few travel companies providing luxury services and also encouraging and empowering travelers to support societal issues for every dollar spent.

With their mission to provide meals to Food Banks and Pantries across the US and supported by a list of sponsors and partners like ShopRite,, eviivo, etc, booking your travels with Bookwell Travel to support the fight against hunger insecurity gives you a sense of achievement and satisfaction knowing you are on the path of world change.

Traveling is an eye-opening experience, one that improves your health, your level of smartness, gives you cultural knowledge and experience, and overall makes you more interesting so the next time you are planning that trip, head to and join in the fight against world hunger and enjoy the first-class luxury you truly deserve.