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Book Your Travel With Us, and You Will Be Contributing to Help Feed Those in Need Across North America. BookWell will donate 10 meals for each night booked.


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The smallest things go a long way. You might not see it as a big deal, but someone somewhere does. Two things that give you satisfaction and a dash of happiness are visiting new destinations and giving back to the less privileged.

For each night booked, Bookwell Travel will give $5 to $10 to feed the less fortunate and provide meals, housing and job security to homeless veterans.

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    It’s our collective responsibility as Americans to be of as much help as we can be to the less privileged.

    Feed the less fortunate with each booking with

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    “What we’re finding in terms of food hardship is kind of off the charts right now,”

    -Joseph Llobrera, Director of Research on food assistance at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities,

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    20 Million Meals By 2021

    Our mission is beyond making profits, we want to give back to the needy, and for that, we have pledged to provide 4 million meals to the less privileged by 2021. This is our way of fighting against hunger and poverty in North America, and we want to join hands with you to make this a possibility.

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    For every night you book, we donate 10 meals.”

    According to CBPP analysis, Around 7 to 11 million children lived in households where kids didn’t get enough food because their families couldn’t afford it.

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    An Opportunity to Help Fight a Cause

    Through our BookWell Relief fund, we allow you to help fight hunger in the United States. By simply booking a hotel with us, you will have indirectly donated 10 meals for the less fortunate.

    Get started here and feel the fulfillment of helping the needy

    Be Helpful

    Lots of things happen every day. Many people face difficult situations that cause them to get into dreadful situations. And worse still, with the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, many people Americans lost their jobs and sources of livelihood.

    Be Excited

    Do you know the excitement that comes with being at a new destination for the first time? Being around unfamiliar faces, food, and unforgettable scenic views? It’s mysterious and yet exciting. Now, mix this up with helping the less fortunate.

    Be Fulfilled

    Giving is a quick way to find fulfillment. Knowing that you’re the reason behind someone’s happiness is second to none. It’s fulfilling, and this is what Bookwell travel is trying to help you achieve. We want to help you travel to your dream locations with the utmost ease and at the same time helping the those in need.

    Do you know that millions of children and families living in America face hunger and food insecurity every day?

    Before the coronavirus, over 35 million people struggled with hunger in the United States, including more than 10 million children?

    Children are the primary victims of child hunger in North America. They suffer side effects like

    • Social and Behavioral problems
    • Development impairment in areas like language and motor skills
    • Repetition of grades in elementary school.

    The World Is at an Interesting Point in Time, and Bookwell Believes There Is a Lot of Good Out There. We Are Here to Help the Travel Industry Influence Positive Change


    Why did we choose hunger over other causes?

    Seeing Children go through various impairments due to a lack of food was enough to trigger us to want to help.

    How far can 10 meals go?

    In the grand context of things, not much, but 10 meals for every night you book goes a long way towards feeding the hungry in North America.

    How can I be sure that the money will truly be used to help the needy?

    We set up a relief fund to ensure that every money meant to fight hunger in North America accomplishes the task.

    Who are we partnered with?

    Bookwell Travel is partnered up with and our network of North American food bank partners. Just a night booked will provide up to 10 meals for those struggling to put food on their table.

    Do your part!

    If you are booking travel, think of Whether it’s a night away, a business trip, or a family vacation, each night booked will donate 20 meals to help those in need.

    For every night booked Bookwell Travel will donate 20 meals to food insecurity. Bookwell Travel’s mission is to provide a first-class, personalized booking experience for travelers while partnering with properties that share our commitment to delivering exceptional service and our mission to feed the less fortunate.

    We The People, Combating Veteran’s Homelessness, Hunger, and Job Insecurity

    They served us…Now it’s time we serve them.